12 maj

Vernissage of Repurposing Materials For Art by Inspu


Join us for the Vernissage Repurposing Material For Art and discover their artworks and designs by Inspu.

Drinks, design and conversation from 17 – 19:00.

Repurposing Materials For Art is a collaboration between the Nordic Art Agency and Inspu. Inspu is a collective of Architecture and Industrial Design students from Lund University.

The project aims to showcase the innovative ideas of 11 groups of designers who have repurposed various materials to create art pieces that are both sustainable and aesthetically appealing.

InsPu believes that design and architecture are disciplines that require skill and insight into many different disciplines: everything from psychology to engineering to supply chain management. We are attempting to put this belief into practice by organising lectures, workshops and study visits that give students insight into new areas.  

Further it is about embracing the aforementioned insPu goals by collaborating with Nordic Art Agency, finding an overlap between art, design and  architecture; but also finding overlaps with other subjects such as economics, psychology and sustainability.

We have run a series of immersive Art Talks at the gallery since January each guest speaker discussing different aspects of repurposing and reusing materials in art, interior and design. We thank John Atherton, Dahl Agenturer and Green Furniture Concept for inspiring us all.

The exhibition will be open at the Nordic Art Agency from 12th May to 7th July and a digital exhibition catalogue will be released the day of the Vernissage.

Nordic Art Agency, Stora Nygatan 56, Hansa, Malmö